In collaboration with community-based partners, we can expand our reach to middle schools, high schools and colleges in strategic locations.  



The Angel Fund promotes awareness of mental health, suicide, and social anxiety and supports school-based programming in Northern Virginia K-12 schools



Josh Anderson Foundation (JAF) works to the day when no teenager turns to suicide as the answer. JAF's current program initiative, our minds matter, is a student-led movement to change the school culture around mental health through group activities and school-wide promotion. 


Alternatives works to build healthy, principled, and creative young people on the Virginia Peninsula.  


HESONWHEELS, founded by VT Hokie Justin Graves, actively promotes the philosophy that "Life is all about what you have done for other people" 

The Koshka Foundation, founded after the Virginia Tech shootings, is dedicated to impacting school safety and student education initiatives. 


Sandy Hook Promise prevents gun violence so that no other parent experiences the senseless, horrific loss of their child. 

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The Coach Hall Foundation provides effective means to protect against school violence and improve the quality of life in Ohio school communities. 

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Family Pride of Northeast Ohio engages children and families in northeast Ohio with our innovative and professional clinical services in the home and community.


Beech Brook promotes well-being and self-sufficiency of children, youth, and families by providing effective innovative physical and behavioral health, permanency, educational and related services. 


Marion-Crawford Prevention Programs empowers youth to make positive choices and provides substance abuse prevention programming in Crawford and Marion Counties in Ohio. 



Project Fleur-de-lis provides evidence-based treatment to youth, families, and communities who have been impacted by community violence, grief and loss in the greater New Orleans, LA community.




M.A.D.E. in Madison works to help Madison CT youth thrive and become successful adults. 

Map of Partners

With the support of our school-based partners (blue icons), we have provided school-based programs and practices to numerous schools (green icons), including elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and universities.