Did you see the viral videos of the Mannequin Challenge on your social media feed or on TV? You’re not alone if you were confused as to why teens were frozen in place with a popular rap song playing in the background was going viral.

It is hard to miss video sensations such as Charlie bit my finger, the Ice Bucket Challenge, or the Mannequin Challenge. Do you ever wish viral videos had a purpose like the Ice Bucket Challenge and that kindness would go viral like some of these other videos? Your wish is our command because students and the Cor Foundation are working tirelessly to generate more kindness worldwide.  

You can find Actively Caring students across Connecticut, Louisiana, Ohio, and Virginia trying to make kindness become the next cultural phenomenon! These teens put their own twist to the Mannequin Challenge by making it a Freeze Kindness Challenge in effort to spread the Actively Caring movement.

Students need your help to make kindness go viral. Can you join the Actively Caring movement on Tuesday, January 17th by making the Freeze Kindness Challenge go viral? 

Spreading Kindness is only one step away :


  • Take your own video or picture of you Freezing Kindness with someone you are grateful for and upload it to Facebook with the  hashtags #FreezeKindess #Gratituesday