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More Schools = More Actively Caring!

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  • Never a one-and-done program, this fall marked our 3rd year working with leadership students at Falls Church HS, and 2nd year with Centreville HS SGA students to improve their school’s climate.
  • Two Kevin R. Lawall Fellows are working with 7th and 8th-grade students at Hayfield Secondary School, teaching them to Actively Caring and developing character strengths.
  • Our Ohio school partners continue to grow! This fall we’ve trained 140+ students at Vermilion HS to act as upstanders rather than bystanders. We’re breaking down negative social tendencies at Mentor HS by teaching multiple student clubs to work collaboratively, rather than in silos, to improve their school climate.

We have some exciting project updates from new and existing partnerships!

Da Vinci Center.png
  • In partnership with the da Vinci Center at Virginia Commonwealth University, our newest Advisory Board Member, Somiah Lattimore, and two VCU faculty members taught a design thinking course to VCU students. These students developed brilliant ideas, including a cooperative learning activity and a Virtual Reality exercise to build empathy and stop bullying. We want to implement their ideas, but doing so would take financial support.
  • We are in early conversations with Tomás Dorta, a Professor of Design at the University of Montreal, about using his Hyve 3D Virtual Reality technology with high school students to teach social-emotional skills and have first-hand experience upstanding in bullying situations. Using Virtual Reality technology is an outgrowth of the VCU Design Thinking ideas and our extensive network of resources and potential partners.